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Custom Diamond Painting Kits

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  • ABOUT PHOTO CUSTOM:     It is really popular and fashionable to custom whatever the photo you want to make the diamond painting, such as your family or your own portrait, wedding pictures, photos of travelling, pets, and beautiful scenery and ect. Then you can DIY your own photo with your family, and finally put it in a frame on the wall of your house or give it to others as a unique and memorable gift!
  • CUSTOMIZATION STEPS:    Personalized this diamond painting by click" Customized now" . Then upload your photo and add to chart. We will make any pictures including People, Animal, Landscape, Flower.The larger the size, the better the visual effect.If the picture is complex, small size will not very good!
    PRODUCTION STEPS:    The beads in the numbered packets correspond with the color chart on the side of the drawing. Place a few of the like numbered beads in the plastic tray. Take the "pen" and dab the end with the sticky stuff in the square block, then pick up a bead and place it on the corresponding number on the canvas. Remember to replace the plastic sheet when you are done to preserve your work.
    DIY Diamond Painting:    High clear oil painting canvas is waterproof and even texture, the pattern itself has a sticky.DIY diamond painting are rich in body and mind, relieve stress, develop patience, elegant leisure, cultivate emotions, experience achievements.
    CUSTOMER SERVICE: This is DIY Full Drill Diamond painting,not finished picture,need you finish it by yourself.As the lighting effects, the objects maybe a little different to pictures. Custom Full Drill Diamond Painting is not included in the frame. It is just a rolled canvas. Please frame it by glasses or wooden and hang in your home as for decoration adornments.

Mainly we take 7-15 days to finish design of your custom diamond painting,and the shipping time need another 7-25 days.

Send your photo and we'll design a diamond painting!

Please read the below before purchasing:

  • We want you to be happy with your purchase. If the photo you submit is too low quality (e.g. too small size, faces too far away, a lot of shadows), it may be rejected!
  • The larger the size chosen, the more it will resemble your original image. We recommend larger sizes for pictures with people in them. If the faces are far away, you will need a larger size!
  • Please select the appropriate canvas size based on the dimensions of your image. If the dimensions don't match, your image will be cropped and/or resized to fit the canvas size you chose! We may ask for your feedback before proceeding.
  • We can help you crop and resize or do minor color and shadow touch ups on most photos. We cannot make any big changes to the image like removing backgrounds, objects or watermarks.
  • There may be minor color differences in the finished result due to chromatic aberration. For higher fidelity to your original photo we recommend a larger size.

If you are UNSURE about your picture, please send it through the Chat or email it to [email protected] We will respond with a suggestion within 12 hours.

Important Information

  • Canvas type: Full Coverage. The full picture will be covered with diamonds once completed.
  • Diamond type:  Round Drill/Square Drill. 
  • What's included: Everything you need to complete the picture is included with the purchase of every kit.

Ready to buy?

Simply hit that ADD TO CART button and breeze through our secure checkout. 


Submit your photo now for a free preview

⏳ Please wait for the UPLOAD button to appear (it can take a little time)

✔️ Ask us for advice on photo quality and size

✔️ Free photo cropping/resizing and enhancements

✔️ Full Drill Coverage
✔️ Love It or Money Back

If you don't know what Size is Suitable Size, you can contact us via messenger



Do not change the quantity in your cart! Only submit one photo per custom painting. If you would like to order more, please repeat the process and create a separate order.

If you select a canvas size that is incompatible with your photo, we may crop your photo to fit. 

For our custom diamond painting,we would not accept any refund and return!!!

What Enhancements Do We Make to Your Photo?

�BASIC CROPPING AND FRAMING--We will make sure the subject(s) of your photo are the focus of your diamond painting.

�SHADOW AND HIGHLIGHT ENHANCEMENTS--We will make sure few details will be lost in the very dark or very bright areas of your image.

�BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST ADJUSTMENTS--Our goal here is to make sure your diamond painting is bright, detailed, and full of wonderful colors.

�OPTIMIZED COLOR CORRECTION--Sometimes, unexpected colors may turn up in your diamonds. Black areas in photos may contain shades of green or brown when converted to diamond painting. We'll do our best to keep color code your painting to retain color fidelity.

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